Zuleikha & Mirabai: Royal Tea of Love

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Original chants from the high mountain desert.  With Glen Velez on drums and Michael Kott on cello.


Royal Tea of Love / Original Chants from the High Mountain Desert. These chants were inspired by a women s gathering that has been going on for over 12 years. Zikr, an Arabic phrase, is a practice of Remembrance - La illaha illa llah hu (in the Great Reality, nothing is separate, all is One). Royal Tea of Love Artists: Zuleikha is an international movement artist known for her weaving of story, rhythm, dance and music. Apprenticed with world dance and music Masters from Eastern and Western traditions, Zuleikha has also lived in Afghanistan and studied their classical music forms with the great musician, Ustad Hashim Chisti. Zuleikha uplifts theater audiences, schools and conferences with her solo performances and her collaborations with world musicians and artists. Some of her collaborations include Terry Riley, David Darling, Glen Velez, Eugene Friesen, Jai Uttal and The Rumi Concert with Coleman Barks, poet and translator of Rumi. Singer and songwriter, Zuleikha creates melodies that invite us to Remember, to reframe the mundane as sacred,... (Jennifer Till, Wild at Heart Journal, Review of Zuleikha's CD, Robe of Love) Mirabai is a singer, storyteller, and composer who has fused her background in both Eastern and Western vocal traditions with story and poetry from around the world. She performs in a wide variety of musical styles and artistic collaborations, from jazz, dance/theatre, and New Music, to world music and original compositions. She was a member of the American Festival of Microtonal Music Ensemble, recorded for Newport Classics and Great American Audio, and was part of the award-winning storytelling video series Sharing the Circle. Mirabai teaches at the College of Santa Fe, tours and performs with world musicians, jazz artists and believes that people singing together with open throats and open hearts is the sound of Love. Glen Velez Drums; Michael Kott Cello