About Us

Lama Foundation creates offerings that carry messages of peace, awakening and community. Starting in 1970, Lama was one of the first to expanded the Tibetan tradition of prayer flags to embrace and celebrate the universality of religious/spiritual traditions from all over the world. Lama has been continuously printing prayer flags ever since.

Also known as “Flag Mountain Cottage Industries,” named after Flag Mountain, a 12,000-foot peak that sits just north of the Foundation and provides a stunning reminder of nature’s power and elegance.

With the belief in right livelihood from suppliers to Mother Earth, all offerings are created with care, quality and intention by Cottage Industries staff and Lama Residents and Stewards who offer seva (selfless service). Each offering is made with the hope of creating a sacred object that confers the blessings of Lama and the mountain out into the world.

Green Screen Printing

All offerings are created in the Cottage Industries Studio, a 100% solar powered ecological straw bale facility with passive and active solar heating. Environmentally-friendly, water-based screen-printing processes are used to create all prayer flags and t-shirts. Water from Lama’s sacred mountain spring is used to rinse out the biodegradable inks with soy and citrus based screen-printing chemicals, so that the water returns to the earth uncontaminated.


Mindful Screen Printing

ironing flagsWorking together from sizing the fabric, to printing, folding and labeling, each of Lama’s Prayer Flags is held with intention and prayer. Lama Residents and staff are encouraged to use the process as a spiritual practice, repeating prayers or mantras as the sacred symbols are dyed into the cloth.