Sita: Brilliance

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A powerful and uplifting expression of the Feminine in chant form. Easy to sing along with.


"This recording is about the feminine principle, something very dear to my heart.  It is a replica of the many chanting evenings I have done to the Mother over the years so it has a live quality to it.

I love representing her in all her forms.  She is often known as the Shakti which is a Hindu/Sanskrit word and she is deeply represented in that tradition but she is also celebrated in many traditions and this CD will give you a deep sense of that.

I feel this is a CD of its time.  We see so much deep imbalance, especially between the male and female energies on the planet, and I recognize the universality of music to re-balance and bring unity to different traditions.

Chanting is a powerful tool to do this as its very accessible and simple.  When you bring many people together it's amazing what a field of beauty, peace, vastness and power can be revealed.  This is especially true when we are chanting to different forms of the Mother.

This is a great listening experience but I really encourage you to participate and chant along.  The chants are purposely a little longer to allow you a full experience of being at an event.  In different traditions these are chanted for hours at a time... Enjoy!

This CD is dedicated to my Guru Neem Karoli Baba who gave me this voice to bring more joy and beauty into the world. "