Lama Bells, by Cosmic Ray

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This set of meditation bells is a one-fifth scale model representation of the bells at the Lama Foundation in New Mexico ( The bells at Lama are used to announce daily activities such as meditations, mealtimes, and scheduled events.

This model is all hand-crafted by Ray Bernhardt in Colorado with a platform of Western Red Cedar, Spruce vertical support posts, and a Knotty Alder horizontal beam. The woods are coated with an all-natural, non-toxic penetrating oil finish produced by Heritage Natural Finishes in Oregon (

The five bells are hand-hammered Buddhist meditation bowls from Nepal. The wooden mallets are also from Nepal.

Gently striking the sides of the hanging bells with the wooden mallet produces lingering melodic tones that are a wonderful way to move through the various activities of your day.

A portion of the proceeds from these bells will be donated to the Lama Foundation.

Thank you for your support.

Cosmic Ray Creations

Ray Bernhardt