Jerusalem Trilogy by Murshid Sam

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The Jerusalem Trilogy: Song of the Prophets.  By Murshid Samuel L. Lewis


Murshid Samuel L. Lewis is the first American born Sufi Master.  His life stands as proof that real spiritual realization transcends any sectarian barriers--besides being recognized by eight different Sufi Brotherhoods, he was confirmed as a Zen Master, as a Hassidic rabbi by Hassidic rabis, as a master of Yoga and as a teacher of Christian Scriptures.  Murshid Samuel Lewis' gravesite is located at Lama Foundation and is considered a sacred pilrimage site.

"Although the sages said that since the destruction of the Temple prophecy has been taken from the prophets and given to the children and fools, the door to prophecy has remained open to those who were prepared to be God-fools in a childlike fashion.  Murshid S.A.M. entered that door by his "foolish" faith, his child-like simplicity and has drawn from Revelation life-giving elixirs to sustain us through the chaos we must pass in order to enter the New Age." --Rabbi Zalman Schachter

"This is without question one of the most significant of Murshid's writings.  And timely too." --Lama Foundation, editors of In the Garden with Murshid S.A.M.