Lama Bells

Lama Bells

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Hand-crafted and made to order

Ray Bernhardt has lovingly crafted this replica of the Lama bells, made from singing bells from Nepal, cedar, pine, and alder.


Base: Western Red Cedar
Support posts: Pine
Horizontal beam: Alder
Bells: Hand hammered singing prayer bowls, five different diameters, made in Nepal
Wooden mallets from Nepal
The wood is coated with a Heritage Natural Finish, consisting of pure tung oil, linseed oil, beeswax, orange oil and pine rosin.


28 in. x 7.25 in x 14 in
10 pounds

Artist Statement

In the late 70’s, while living in Ashland, Oregon, I bought a copy of Be Here Now. After reading it several times I packed up my 69 VW Squareback and headed to New Mexico to visit Lama, and with the hopes of meeting Ram Dass. Arriving at Lama was like landing on a different planet, but it didn’t take long for me to find my place amongst the 25 residents living there at the time. My skills as an auto mechanic and carpenter were put to good use and I was even able to participate in the Ram Dass retreat that summer.

That was the summer of 1979. It was also the year that I met my wife, Nasima, and her five children, who were living at Lama when I arrived. All seven of us moved to Taos in the fall of 1980, which is where our daughter was born. Nasima and I now live in Colorado (celebrating 40 years together this year!) and visit Lama often.

I have been thinking about something that former Lama Beans and visitors could have at their homes to keep them more connected with Lama. An integral part of life at Lama are the Lama Bells. Inspired, I made a 1/5 scale replica that people can have at home. They are a visual, auditory and emotional connection to Lama.  My hope is that they will help us keep Lama in our hearts and remind us to Be Here Now.

Ray operates his own remodelling company, HooRay! Home Improvement, and has been deeply involved in renovations around the land, including the most recent community kitchen project, and the upcoming rebuilding project on the site of the old kitchen. Both Nasima and Ray are now Continuing Member of Lama Foundation.