Hand Dyed BHN: Guru Flag

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From the modern spiritual classic, “Be Here Now,” By Ram Dass, originally published at Lama Foundation with artwork by Lama residents. 
"Where there is faith, there is the presence of The Guru. He is it all. He is all your impurities. He is all your corruption. There he is smiling at you through them, saying, "and this too!" He sees, He understands, total compassion. Total compassion means: You are the universe, you are all form, you are the breath, you are the river, you are the void, you are the desire to be enlightened, you are enlightened."

Custom dyed and screen printed by hand at Lama Foundation in our green solar Cottage Industries studio using an ecologically mindful process.

By purchasing this prayer flag, you are contributing to the restoration of the Historic Kitchen, the renewal of the original kitchen dome at Lama Foundation.  Founded in 1967, Lama Foundation was created to serve as a sustainable spiritual community dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, spiritual practice with respect to all traditions, service, and stewardship of the land.

14" x 26" raw cotton and muslin with unfinished edges, strung with 6 inches on either side to make your own string sets.  
Subtle variations are part of the process in this one of a kind art.