"Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints and Preservation" by Carol Crews

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Written by Lama Bean, Carol Crews. Large format: 8 1/4 inch  X 10 1/4 inch


From the Preface:

"As millions now jump on the "green" bandwagon, wishing to simplify their lives, this book offers a glimpse into a past when there was no other choice, and fresh ways to bring this basic body of knowledge into the future.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the information I've accumulated through research, observation, experimentation, building for myself, crafting adobe art projects, participating in many Natural Building Colloquia, and by completing countless projects in plaster repair, new plaster, and alis for clients.  Think of this as a memoir of mud lore with a bit of history, science, philosophy, practicality, and art thrown into the mix.

Each of us has a unique perspective based on our innate qualities and patterns of development, none more special than another, and we can all benefit by learning from one another, as well as through hearing each other's stories.  Early in this process, I heard Maya Angelou say, "The reader wants to know about you, the author," so I have revealed more of myself than I otherwise might have.  My hope for this book is not only that it will help pass on a tradition as old as time, employed to protect and enhance home-grown architecture, but that it will encourage those who feel timid about expressing themselves artistically to go ahead and do so, as a way of going more deeply into their own psyches to search out the inner wisdom that leads to a more nourishing life.  In the challenging times we face together, creativity and simplicity are important keys to our future success."