50th Anniversary Be Here Now Collectors Box

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We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Be Here Now with 500 limited edition Be Here Now Collectors Boxes. This box set is inspired by the original Bindu to Ojas Box of 1971, created by Ram Dass and Lama Residents.

This anniversary box includes:

-Limited edition box screen printed by hand, marked with 50th anniversary stamp and numbered out of 500.

-A copy of the Be Here Now book, marked with 50th anniversary stamp and numbered out of 500.

-The Divine Dance prayer flag from page 81 of Be Here Now. This is a new item printed on muslin with raw edges, strung with 6 inches on either side to make your own string sets. (14" x 24").

-Sticker pack with 5 stickers from Be Here Now. Images include a custom cut from the cover of Be Here Now, The Heart Cave, The Butterfly, The Bridge, (4"X 4") and Metamorphosis (3"X5").

-Bindu to Ojas print, a colorful image printed on 9"X 9" acid-free cardstock. This print was included in the original box and was to be glued on the front of the hand bound brown pages of Be Here Now.

-Limited edition Be Here Now cover flag, printed with brown ink on muslin with raw edges (14” X 14”).

-Audio stories about the creation and illustration of Be Here Now and Ram Dass.

-Chant collection from the original box “Bindu to Ojas” as a digital download.

-50th anniversary booklet in commemoration of Ram Dass and the history of Be Here Now.

-Land offering from the sacred Lama Foundation mountain.

-Surya incense as an altar piece.

These boxes are available now for preorder. The first 100 orders will be sent out in March. Only 500 available!