Emma’s Feather Earrings 7


Hand made by former resident, Emma Avalos

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Each pair of earrings is uniquely handcrafted with primarily farm sourced rooster feathers by former Lama resident, Emma Avalos. Feathers come from our fully free ranging Icelandic chickens, a hardy land race known for their wild genetics and resilience. More like a dinosaur than a chicken! These birds have an amazing life and are harvested with love and intention. Making earrings with the feathers is in alignment with our values of honoring as much of the life of our animals as possible while sharing the beautiful vitality of the spirit of these creatures with the world.
{About 5-10% other feathers are used from non migratory sources like peacock, pheasant and macaw to add color and variety }

Made at Teeth of the Goddess is a farm that is inspired by restoration agriculture, permaculture and embodied relationship.

“We believe that healing the land, healing the planet, is directly entwined with our own biological, spiritual and emotional healing. Personal and planetary healing are undeniably fused to one another. We are seeking to create greater relationship with ourselves and the land. May this farm be a place that reflects and facilitates this healing process.”  https://www.teethofthegoddess.com

Proceeds go to support Lama Foundation and Teeth of the Goddess Farm in their missions.