In the Garden with Murshid Sam

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A compendium of stories, biographical elements and writings.


A beautiful reprint of the classic 1975 book, originally published at Lama Foundation, In The Garden is a natural expression of the rising of the spiritual movement in the United States. A collection of Murshid SAM's writings, his stories, and some biographical information, the volume is an overflowing spiritual gem.

The book has been completely redesigned with stunning graphics by Murshida Fatima Lassar and a new introduction by Murshid Wali Ali Meyer.

The text has remained the same and has been rearranged for clarity.

It is full of Murshid SAM's presence. The practices are both simple and useful. It is not only a chronicle of his life, but an excellent manual for teachers and students in our work of taming the negativity which contributes to the confusion and suffering of the world.

Murshid Samuel L. Lewis is the first American born Sufi Master.  His life stands as proof that real spiritual realization transcends any sectarian barriers--besides being recognized by eight different Sufi Brotherhoods, he was confirmed as a Zen Master, as a Hassidic rabbi by Hassidic rabis, as a master of Yoga and as a teacher of Christian Scriptures.  Murshid Samuel Lewis' gravesite is located at Lama Foundation and is considered a sacred pilrimage site.